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Bankrate Card Marketing Solutions (formerly Nationwide Card Services) is a reliable and hardworking partner. They are responsive, flexible and eager to please. They constantly look for new opportunities for growth for the First PREMIER Bank credit card offers. They more than meet minimum standards and are always within guideline compliance. We enjoy our relationship with BCMS and look forward to continued growth for both our companies.

Michael Tabasso, Principal, Gen3Marketing

Bankrate Card Marketing Services (formerly Nationwide Card Services) is one of the finest marketing partners I've had the pleasure of working with in over 7 years of online marketing. First and foremost, they produce! They have helped us grow our online marketing programs exponentially. The team at BCMS is comprised of energetic, personable, professional and extremely responsive folks that care about our business. Compliance is never an issue, as they are supremely diligent in their monitoring. I can't say enough about them! If you have the opportunity to work with BCMS in some capacity, don't pass it up!

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